As women go through perimenopause and menopause, they often experience a range of symptoms, one of which is brain fog. Brain fog is common during this life stage and can impact a person’s mental clarity, focus, and cognitive function. Do you think you have brain fog? Take our short survey to determine if some of the more common signs of brain fog may be affecting you.

1. Do you find yourself having a general sense of forgetfulness, such as remembering names, dates, or events?(Required)
2. Do you have difficulty focusing on tasks, maintaining mental clarity, or following conversations?(Required)
3. Do you feel like your thinking processes have slowed down, and are experiencing delays in response or decision-making?(Required)
4. Do you find it challenging to stay engaged in activities or conversations for an extended period of time?(Required)
5. Do you have a sense of mental confusion or disorientation as a result of trying to process information?(Required)
6. Do you struggle to recall words or have "tip-of-the-tongue" moments where you can't retrieve the right word?(Required)
7. Do you find it difficult to juggle multiple tasks or switch between tasks smoothly?(Required)
8. Are you finding it increasingly difficult to solve complex problems or think critically?(Required)
9. What is your current menopause stage?(Required)
10. Do you have a history of breast cancer, stroke, or clotting disorder?(Required)
What is your age range?(Required)
Are you biologically female?(Required)