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Baby Brain: Is it Real?

pregnant woman holding belly forgetful baby brain

Forgetfulness, loss of concentration, and memory problems are all common complaints of mothers-to-be and the so-called “baby brain.” For decades, it was dismissed as an old wives’ tale, but it’s actually a very real phenomenon.  Baby brain affects women differently throughout their pregnancies, but is typically most noticeable during the first trimester. Women don’t feel […]

7 Things to Know About Menopause

woman going through menopause

Women after a certain age will experience menopause. This is defined by not having a menstrual cycle for 12 months. While it is different for every woman, it typically occurs between the ages of 40 and 50.  Menopause changes many things in your body – both hormonally and physically. The symptoms often associated with menopause […]

Improving Gut Health to Increase Brain Function

Woman in the kitchen healthy diet gut health brain function

During menopause, gut health is extremely important. Not only does menopause mess with weight, but can affect our mood and our brain. Menopause causes hormonal imbalances, but it also causes imbalances in our digestive system that affects gut health.  As women transition into menopause, the hormone estrogen decreases in the body. Estrogen regulates cortisol – […]

Cooling Down During Hot Flashes

Woman having hot flashes during menopause

Over 67% of women in the United States who are in perimenopause, or well into menopause, deal with hot flashes.  Hot flashes are a sudden feeling of heat, sometimes accompanied by a flushed face and intense sweating. While the exact cause can vary between women, it is commonly attributed to changes in blood circulation. They […]

First Signs of Menopause: Signs and Symptoms


Women between the ages of 45 and 55 undergo biological and hormonal changes that are a result of menopause. While every female will have her own experiences with this life change, the signs and symptoms are pretty standard.  Many of these symptoms are also related to aging, so you may not realize that your body […]

Ways to Increase Cognitive Function During Menopause


Approximately 66% of women in menopause suffer from brain fog. While fuzzy thinking and forgetfulness do not last forever, you do not want to struggle with those symptoms while menopause is affecting the rest of your body. Brain fog typically appears as trouble paying attention, issues with memory recollection, cognitive function, or verbal memory. The […]