Take charge of your brain health during menopause with PearlPAK™

Clinically validated prescription treatment for the prevention of cognitive decline caused during menopause.

Find out if you have menopause related brain fog.

PearlPAK™* is a patented treatment clinically shown to improve cognition and slow brain atrophy during menopause.

The PearlPAK™ treatment supports the body with a tailored dose of estriol and progesterone . PearlPAK™ was designed to protect against the difficulties with memory that occur during menopause, while also relieving other menopausal symptoms. The difference between PearlPAK™ and standard HRT is that there is not evidence that standard HRT can improve memory.

Mind the Gap with PearlPAK™

The key to prevention is to be proactive, not reactive, when it comes to brain health.

Estrogen and progesterone are vital hormones that protect against brain aging, neurodegeneration and brain atrophy.

At the onset of menopause, these hormones drop sharply causing a range of symptoms including night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings, and brain fog .

PearlPAK™ has been clinically shown to improve cognition and decrease brain atrophy.

Watch Dr. Voskuhl the PearlPAK™ and her mission to prevent cognitive decline.

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Take our online HIPAA-compliant questionnaire.

Take our quick online HIPAA-compliant questionnaire.

Speak with one of our board-certified medical practitioners for FREE.

Speak with one of our board-certified medical practitioners for FREE.

Receive PearlPAK™ delivered to your door for only $97 per month.

Receive PearlPAK™ delivered to your door for only $97 per month.

Menopause is inevitable, but we have choices in how we manage the symptoms.

Take our online questionnaire to determine if PearlPAK™ is right for you.

Developed by Neuroscientist and World-Renowned Expert in Brain Health, Rhonda R. Voskuhl, M.D.

Rhonda Voskuhl, M.D. is a research scientist and professor of neurology at UCLA. Director of the Brain Research Institute (BRI). Her discovery of estrogen loss and its effect on cognition, was identified during her extensive research on cognitive function in individuals with multiple sclerosis.


Rhonda R. Voskuhl, M.D. was on a mission to find a safe and effective treatment for women going through menopause, namely one that can improve cognition.

A Professor of Neurology at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Dr. Voskuhl considers cognitive issues and the aging population as the greatest challenge of our generation. A member of the Brain Research Institute at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Dr. Voskuhl has spent over two decades dedicated to finding solutions in neurodegenerative diseases. Her extensive research, clinical studies, and perseverance in brain health led to the development of PearlPAK™.

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