Things Your Mom Never Told You About Menopause

Growing up, you had many conversations with your mom about different things. Yet, like many other moms, the most important conversation she might have left out is about changes and the stages you will experience as you grow. You might have discovered these changes alone and tried to figure them out.

Menopause is one of the topics moms don’t engage their daughters in. Most of the daughters discover it along the way as they grow up. Sometimes you panic and get confused over the changes you experience because you do not know they are part of the symptoms of menopause.

When you reach menopause, you experience different changes. These changes may be difficult for you to understand or figure out the cause. But, If you feel that you are not well equipped with the knowledge of symptoms and what to expect, worry not; here are the things your mom never told you about menopause

Things Your Mom Never Told You About Menopause:

You Can Experience Symptoms Before You Get Into Menopause

You might dismiss some symptoms of menopause you are experiencing because you are still having your period. Some women start experiencing the symptoms earlier due to their genetics and reproductive health. Seeing a specialist will help you determine whether what you are experiencing is part of the symptoms of menopause. The phase leading up to menopause is called perimenopause.

You Can Enter Menopause Before You Turn 40

Due to the difference in body functioning, you can enter menopause before age 40, usually the age where you may recognize the start of perimenopause. Damage in the ovarian and pelvic may also contribute to early menopause.

Thus, you should not feel abnormal or scared when you stop receiving your periods before age 40. At this age, it’s brought on by primary ovarian insufficiency or premature menopause.

A Reduced Sex Drive

During menopause phase, you may feel less sensitive to your partner. Your libido becomes lesser than it used to be. The change does not mean that there is something you are not doing right. It is a change caused by the lower estrogen levels in your body.

You can still improve your libido by being open with your partner. Attending counseling together and engaging in activities that excite you and your partner will also increase your attraction towards each other and improve your libido.

Want Help Managing Your Symptoms? We’re Here to Help.

You should not feel scared about entering this next phase of life now that you understand the changes better. Talking to a specialist will help you understand your symptoms better and help you know how to manage the symptoms you experience. You can also contact our specialist at CleopatraRX to help you manage your hormone changes and symptoms. You can fill the form below as we get started.


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November 30, 2022