Avoiding Hot Flash Triggers and How to Keep them Tame

Menopause and Hot Flashes

Hot flashes occur during menopause when your estrogen levels trick your internal thermostat into thinking your body is hotter than it is. Your body breaks into a sweat as it tries to cool you off, which leads to discomfort, anxiety, and a rapid-beating heart. Not every woman who goes through menopause experiences this, but for those who do, it can feel like an ongoing uphill battle. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to avoid reoccurring episodes. Read on to learn more about the triggers and what you can do to better tame your hot flashes.  

Hot Flash Triggers

While hot flash triggers are easy to watch for, they can be hard to work around if they’re part of your everyday life. Some of these things are less controllable than others, so you’ll have to work around your environment to keep yourself protected. 

1. Heat and Hot Weather

Heat is a large player in triggering hot flashes. If the sun is shining bright, be sure to wear a sun hat or carry an umbrella. Taking cool baths and having icy drinks can also help regulate your body temperature. Keep indoor airflow circulated the best you can with fans or open windows.

  1. Smoking and Drinking 

If you enjoy your smoke breaks or evening wine, note that these two things are primary triggers for hot flashes. Cigarettes and alcohol open your blood vessels and make you feel warmer than you are. These false heat signals can easily trigger hot flashes. It’s best to moderate or reduce your intake to avoid episodes. 

  1. Spicy Food and Caffeine 

Spice and caffeine also play a part in expanding your blood vessels and confusing your internal thermostat. Opt to eat lighter foods, and if you like it spicy, try to tone it down the best you can. You can still enjoy your morning tea or coffee, just be mindful of your consumption. 

Overall, keeping hot flashes at bay means staying comfortable and healthy. Moderate your intake the best you can to ensure you don’t deal with reoccurring episodes.

Taming Hot Flashes

Dress in layers so that it’s easy to strip down during a hot flash. Carry around a hair tie so that you can pull your hair back and give your neck air. Water bottles and portable fans are also helpful on the go. If you tend to warm up during the night, keep the temperature low and a glass of water nearby. 

Managing Menopause Symptoms and Hot Flash Triggers

Keeping yourself comfortable and your stress levels low can help to alleviate symptoms of menopause. Along with avoiding hot flash triggers, incorporating stress relievers into your routine, such as breathing exercises or meditation, is also a good idea. Certain medications can help with mood swings and urinary incontinence. 

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