Our Foundational story: Cleopatra & Her Pearls

The CleopatraRX Story

Cleopatra was a smart, beautiful, and powerful woman – a true Egyptian queen. Her power came through her immense intelligence. She hosted history’s most expensive dinner party, and the story goes…

PearlPAK and Cleopatra Most Expensive Dinner Party in HistoryAfter being bored with many lavish, over-the-top dinners where Mark Antony tried to impress her, Cleopatra used her brilliance to outsmart him. She bet him that she could do better in a high-stakes wager and spend millions at a single dinner.

Why The PearlPAK?

When the competition day arrived, Mark Antony sat down at the table and believed it to look like many other dinner parties. Cleopatra then removed her pearl earring – one of the largest pearls in the land – put it in her wine, and drank it. Little did he know that her wine turned to vinegar, and pearls dissolve in vinegar. Cleopatra had won her bet using the power of science.

The mission of CleopatraRX and the PearlPAK is to empower women to stay smart and beautiful through science. When your brain is foggy and unable to remember things from day to day, your confidence can drop and leave you feeling discouraged.

With PearlPAK’s formula of expertly balanced hormones, you can enter the next phase of your life as your best self.

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