How Perimenopause Affects Your Menstrual Cycle

When you think about Perimenopause, you might expect your periods to subside. However, women will experience periods, even while they’re in Perimenopause. Don’t worry if you’re experiencing Perimenopause periods. Here’s everything you need to know about periods and Perimenopause:

How Perimenopause Affects Your Menstrual Cycle

If you’ve had a regular cycle for the past decades of your life, you might be alarmed if you start to have irregular periods. However, with Perimenopause, the months leading up to Menopause that lasts up to a decade, your periods will likely become irregular. This is because your hormones are being thrown out of whack, due to Perimenopause.

You might experience periods that are heavier or lighter than usual. Or, you might experience periods that come at unpredictable times and last for unpredictable amounts of time. Another thing you might experience is vaginal dryness or hot flashes. All of these symptoms occur because of Perimenopause. And all of these symptoms are completely normal, and nothing to be alarmed about.

Ways to Regulate Your Hormones

All of these changes to your cycle occur because Perimenopause affects the balance of your hormones. However, know that it is possible to get your hormones back into check. One of the simplest ways to balance your hormones is to eat well and exercise daily. If you fall into a bad routine, that consists of an unbalanced diet and no exercise, you might experience worse symptoms of Perimenopause.

So, be sure to get enough protein in your diet and ensure that you’re watching your gut health. Since your gut affects your hormonal health, you want to keep your gut happy. When you cut down on sugar and eat healthy fats (not saturated fats), you will be helping to keep your hormones balanced.

Also, too much stress causes imbalanced hormones. So, try your best to keep your stress levels to a minimum. Another important thing to do is to get plenty of sleep each night. When you sleep and keep your stress to a minimum, you are on your way to balancing your hormones naturally.

CleopatraRX Can Help

CleopatraRX knows that it can be jarring when you begin the Perimenopause phase. Know that everything your body is experiencing is a normal part of life, and when you work toward balancing your hormones, you’ll feel more like yourself again. If you’re eager to learn more about the services that CleopatraRX provides, then fill out this form below.

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