Do you have menopause-related cognitive decline?

As women go through menopause, the loss of essential female hormones can cause a range of symptoms, including cognitive decline.


What is brain fog?

Cognitive decline during menopause is real.  The non-medical term most often used to describe it is ‘brain fog.’  Think of it as a hiccup in active memory, which can affect one’s ability to remember names, dates, lists, and directions. It can make it difficult to focus, multi-task, or engage in conversation with another person. It can also leave one feeling fatigued and lost in a mental haziness that can cause us to doubt our abilities and impact our confidence. Take heart to know it is not you; estrogen plays a significant role in balancing various brain functions:

    • Protects brain cells from age-related damage
    • Helps produce “feel good” endorphins
    • Facilitates neuron connections for memory
    • Influences oxygen and nutrients to the brain
    • Maintains the health of the hippocampus for learning

Staying alert to the signs of cognitive decline during menopause is the first step in protecting brain health. A diet rich in antioxidants and nutrients, regular exercise, and proper treatment can each play a vital role based on individual needs. And that’s what led us to PearlPAK.


Do you have menopause-related brain fog?

Take our questionnaire, which asks a few short questions to determine if some of the more common signs of cognitive decline may be affecting you. Based on a 44-point system, your results will be emailed to you. The score is not a formal diagnosis but is intended to guide you in determining the next steps.


Ready to take the next step?

PearlPAK™ is a clinically validated prescription medicine designed to alleviate signs of brain fog while reducing other common menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness. Is PearkPAK right for you?

    1. Complete our Health Fit™ questionnaire. Prior to speaking with a HIPAA-compliant medical practitioner, we need to first understand your medical history, just like filling out a form at the doctor’s office.
    2. Once your form is reviewed, our medical practitioner will schedule a complimentary call to review your responses and to ask further questions if needed. Your information is forwarded to a board-certified physician who will determine if an additional conversation is necessary.
    3. Once approved, PearlPAK is filled by a compounding pharmacy and shipped in a 3-month dose package directly to your home. Results can be felt within 3-12 months based on individual patient response to the treatment.

Why do we take a credit card?

Prior to the call with the medical practitioner, you are asked for credit card information to move the process forward. The consultation is always free. Your card will only be charged if you and the physician decide that PearlPAK is the right fit for you. At that time, your card will be charged $97.00 per month and may be canceled at any time. The consultation call is complimentary whether you take PearlPAK or not.


In the meantime…

Any prescription taken should be done thoughtfully. If you are not quite ready to take PearlPAK, sign up for our weekly Mind Memos™ newsletter to receive tips and articles on navigating the journey of menopause.

Read our BLOG “Menopause Brain Health” for tips on improving brain health during menopause, including simple but fun brain exercises that help support cognitive function.