How to Boost Your Sex Drive During Menopause

As women age and enter menopause, they are more likely to experience diminished sex drive. A reduced sexual desire results from reduced levels of estrogen and testosterone during menopause, which can lead to emotional, mental, or physical changes in your body  making you less sensitive to stroking and touch. This makes it difficult to get aroused leading to less interest in sex.  

Sex is considered an important aspect of our life, and having a reduced sexual desire does not permanently hinder you from enjoying your sex life. fortunately, all hope is not lost as there are ways to increase, revive your sex drive, and improve your overall well-being. Read on to start your journey of increasing sex drive during menopause. 

Why Does Menopause Affect Your Sex Drive?

Studies show that about 50% of women experience a reduced libido during their transition into menopause. Reduced libido results from a sudden decrease in hormonal levels. 

Menopause will be characterized by a decrease in the levels of estrogen produced. Lower levels of estrogen can result in reduced blood flow to the vagina, which will reduce vaginal lubrication and may make the vagina too dry. As a result, sex may feel uncomfortable and even more painful. 

What Are Ways to Boost Libido During This Phase of Life?

Increasing your sex drive is not something that can be done overnight, but there are treatments available and lifestyle changes that can help boost your libido drastically. 

Medical treatments will include the use of prescription supplements to help increase estrogen and testosterone. Medication may include the use of creams that can be applied directly to the vagina, or you may be required to take estrogen pills. 

Before thinking about using any medication, you should first talk with your doctor so that you can be given a prescription regarding your specific condition. 

Lifestyle changes that can help boost your libido are listed below:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • stress by spending some time doing your hobbies, going for walks, reading a book, or cooking
  • Use lubricants to reduce vaginal dryness and make sex more comfortable
  • Try other sexual experiences. You can engage your partner and try using sex toys or other sexual activities such as oral sex, caressing, sensual baths, or touching each other provocatively 
  • Think about sex more. Thinking about sex more can increase the desire to have it more
  • Experiment with erotic content in videos or books
  • Talk to your partner about your changing needs or desires and let them know what is comfortable and what is uncomfortable 

Learn More About How You Can Boost Your Sex Drive

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